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  • After Reiki Care

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    After Reiki Care

    We know Reiki is the Alignment of all Alignments! The way we care for ourselves after a session is key to your wellbeing. The tasks of embracing the shifting of your energy and the balancing of your Chakras can come with physical and mental challenges. Symptoms of a Reiki session can include, but are not limited excessive tiredness, anger, the feeling of restlessness, euphoria, and flu symptoms to name a few. 

    As a Reiki Master, I recommend cleansing baths and showers after each session. Let go of any expectation. All we’ve worked on is Actively working itself out and flowing to its natural space within you. 

    I recommend ordering our Signature After Reiki Care Body Care to help guide you and calm you after your sessions. We will conduct a 10min phone or email consultation to discuss your areas of need, if Reiki was done by another wonderful practioner!

    Take Care of You!