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    Shala B.

    Carlease was an amazing doula! This was my first pregnancy, and I began taking prenatal yoga sessions with Carlease during my second trimester. I appreciated her level of professionalism, commitment, and thoughtfulness in starting/ending sessions on time. It was also a huge help for Carlease to travel to my home, which made attending sessions much easier during my pregnancy. From the start, I could tell Carlease truly loved the work she does in helping women and this made me even more interested in her not only being my yoga instructor but also my future doula. During our sessions, she did an excellent job of explaining how every yoga pose and breathing technique is designed to help you get through the labor and delivery process. When it came to focusing specifically on my labor, Carlease was instrumental in walking my husband and I through every part of creating a birth plan. She not only stressed that she would be my advocate during the process but continued to encourage me to use my voice and speak up if ever I felt confused or uncomfortable, and this proved extremely useful for me not only during my labor but overall.On the day I went into labor, Carlease was prompt in showing up at the hospital. She jumped right in with helping me breathe through contractions and get into different positions. I also appreciated her bringing essential oils to help create the calming/relaxing environment I desired. She was with me and my husband through the many hours of labor and she even stayed with us until after our son was born and we were finally settled into our recovery room.Overall, I would highly recommend Carlease not only as a doula and yoga instructor, but as a one-stop shop for all your physical, mental health, and emotional needs since she also does coaching (which tremendously helped me during my postpartum recovery) and even creates her own scrubs and bath salts! She was so thoughtful to bring me small, personalized gifts throughout my pregnancy and during our postpartum sessions, and that just further cemented for me that Carlease goes above and beyond to make sure her clients have the best experience and feel seen and valued. Her attention to detail combined with her love for her craft truly make Carlease special. I was hesitant to hire a doula before meeting her, but Carlease calmed my fears. I feel extremely blessed to have her come into my life and help me and my husband welcome our son!

    November 2023

    Brooke F.

    I look forward to my weekly yoga sessions with her every week! It took me a while to find a professional that offered prenatal yoga and I’m so glad I came across Carlease. She gives great instruction and is really in tune with what I need and how to help me develop more strength. I’m excited about working with her throughout my pregnancy journey.

    Mar 10, 2023 

    Jeannie K.

    Carlease has been absolutely amazing! Her knowledge and understanding of yoga has created a strong trust with everyone who shows up to our Wednesday evening class! She has a calming presence and a strong intuition. We all look forward to our sessions.

    Mar 15, 2023 

    Tiffany P.

    Private Yoga Instruction

    Carlease is very knowledgeable and easy to work and sweet. She is good at helping relieve stress, pain and anxiety as well as emotional pain. I really enjoy our time together.

    Apr 6, 2023 

    Thierry T.

    Great experience with Carlease. My group.truly enjoyed it and it was a first for most of them but they would love to do it again.

    Aug 31, 2023 

    Niki F.

    Our yoga session with Carlease was nothing short of amazing. She arrived on time, guided us through and great practice and even left gifts 🎁! 5 stars 🌟

    Oct 14, 2023 

    LaMaria W.

    Great experience and very professional!

    Dec 4, 2023 

    Melinda D.

    Carlease was such a joy to work with. She listened to my body challenges and guided my practice according to my abilities! I connected with myself in ways I didn’t know existed. If you’re looking for an authentic Yoga experience and for TRUE mind-body alignment, she’s your lady!

    May 8, 2022

    Christy J.

    Carlease is amazing! I am a yoga beginner, and she has tailored my sessions to fit my needs, physically and emotionally, and my experience level. I am really enjoying our sessions. I Highly recommend her!

    Jun 16, 2022

    Jeff J.

    Private Yoga Instruction

    Carlease was a tremendous help from the start. She was responsive and able to help me with our yoga class day and time. Excited to continue working with her!

    Mar 3, 2023 


    Kara S.

    Private Yoga Instruction

    Carlease did a wonderful job when she contracted with my company. She is professional, on time and was able to adapt work to senior aged adults (55+). She gave them a great workout and they absolutely loved her classes. She had done yoga, strength and balance and water aerobics with several groups and was loved by all. I highly recommend.

    Mar 9, 2023