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    Body Care with You in Mind

    A Peace of Mine now offers Body Care with you in Mind. We’re offering customizable Salt Soaks, Body Scrubs and Body Oils. Our signature Yoga and Reiki after care Salts, Scrubs and Oils are essential to those who practice. Chakra balancing care also available.

    Most popular:

    Violet Lavender Eucalyptus w/wo coffee

    Lemon-Lime Rosemary

    Cinnamon Cherry Blossom infused with Chamomile.

    Sweet Orange Cove w/Peppermint

    Frankincense Pine w/ Peach Flower 

    White Tea Vanilla w/Rosebud

    *Reiki After Care

    *Yoga After Care (Active)

    *Yoga After Care (Relax)

    *Chakra Balance (Requires 10 min consult)


    Bath Salts: $15.50 5oz bag

    Sugar and Salt Lathering Body Scrubs: $14.50 8oz

    Sugar and Salt Dry Body Scrub w/ oil only: $15.00 8oz

    Body Oil: $13.50

    ***Yoga, Reiki and Chakra Care add $3.00 to base***

    ***All customized orders require 10 min consult***