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  • My Doula and Me

    Hello Parents! Congratulations on this new and rewarding journey you are now embarking upon! My name is Carlease Austin. I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula, who also specializes in Birth Trauma Coaching. I am based in the DFW area and can’t wait to journey with you. Along with my Doula services, you also have a prenatal and postnatal Yoga Instructor. I will help to guide you to and through your labor and help you recover your strength starting after your 6-week recovery period (Longer for C-Sections Moms). I have an AA in Medical Assisting (1998), B.A in Psychology (2017), and an M.S in Cognition and Neuroscience (2023). Let’s Journey Together and Bring New Life into Your World! Carlease Content to comeā€¦