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  • My Purpose

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    Inner You

    You are beautiful no matter what you’ve been through. You are valuable no matter how many times life has devalued you. Loving You, is one of the best choices you will ever make in your life. With loving you, comes loss, hurt, loneliness and overall despair at times. Yet, Loving You makes You Powerful, Valuable, Unstoppable, Loveable and Irreplaceable! When we choose to address the Root of any matter we face, we embrace a new power and enforce a new boundary. When we accept that we all have Light and Darkness, we learn what to let go and what to embrace and we walk in our Full Authenticity. No matter where you are in your journey…Let’s Honor the Inner You.

    Life Purpose Coaching

    Are you starting to feel like life has become one big task? Are you having a hard time finding joy in your daily routine? Well, it's time you begin living within your purpose. How you ask, how do I find this purpose of mine? Here at A Peace of Mine, it is our purpose to help you uncover your inner light.


    Do you find yourself feeling scattered more often than not? Do you feel your mind and body are racing without you? Let's find stillness for a moment. Our yoga practice is customized to your needs. You will leave grounded with total alignment to your mind and body. Yoga is not an exercise; Yoga is a divinely intimate relationship between your mind, your breath, your pose and your body.

    Trauma/ Childhood Trauma Coaching

    Let's face it, trauma is one tough cookie to live through, live down and live beyond. Childhood Trauma follows us well into adulthood and latches on to every relationship we enter. Are you ready to look trauma in the face and put it in its rightful place? Are you ready to take control of your life and not be led by triggers? I've got your back!

    Grief Coaching

    The first question we've all asked is Why? Death isn't limited to age, gender, race or even how good of a person you are. It is inevitable. Death forces us into a "New Norm".... a space so unfamiliar. So what do we do? How do we function? A Peace of Mine is dedicated to walking through this pain with you and giving you tools to build and maintain this new norm that has been forced upon you.

    Shadow Work

    Shadow Work IS NOT Witchcraft!!! Now that we have that understanding.... Shadow working is the element of bringing your subconscious and conscious into alignment. Do you know every event that has ever happened to you left an imprint on you? Do you wonder why you keep repeating patterns? Have you ever thought you were living through a generational curse? Time to address the shadow!


    It is true, we are full of Energy! Our energy is designed to flow freely from one Chakra point to the next. We have a total of 7 Chakras, Reiki is not only about aligning Chakras, but also designed to rid yourself from old entities that no longer serve you, this is called chord cutting.

    Essential Body Care

    Your stop for Self-care starts here. Customized Bath Soaks, Scrubs and Oils. Also enjoy our Signature After Yoga Care, After Reiki Care and Chakara Balancing Care.

    I Am Ready

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